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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

A Fair Exchange

I love the net, you can get just about anything if you choose to look and ask nicely.

Been a user of a font called dearJoe for a while now and I just found out that its creator just finished designing a new subset which he aptly named dearJoe IV. The new set replicates real handwriting extremely well and is fully kerned with all pairing possibilities, I'm thoroughly impressed.

But alas, dearJoe IV doesn't seem to have a free download available anywhere. My Singaporean sensibilities precluded the possibility of actually paying for a download. So a quick email exchange with dearJoe's creator and a deal was struck for the full suite of dearJoe IV in return for a print of one my photos, not bad ah?

I love the pic on your 'Life's A Beach' post, it's lovely :-)

What do you use these fonts for?

londonchicky - thx, compliment appreciated :)

LMD - designers (web,graphic etc) use them constantly in their course of work (magazine layouts, packaging design blah blah), I mainly use them as despcriptive text in my photos. You'd see some examples soon in an upcoming post on my trip to India.

Are you allowed to pass the font on? Or maybe have it accidentally sitting in your Shared Folder while connected to Emule or the like?

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