Monday, November 10, 2008 

Aviation Photos 7

Continued from Aviation Photos 6.

While I've taken quite a back seat to photographing airplanes these days, there are still a couple of images of these metal birds which I'd like to share.


No, I wasn't flying in formation with a B-2 Spirit when this was taken. This is a scale model close to Lockheed's famed Skunk Works where it spends its days as a gate guardian.


I've always liked this livery of Air Tahiti Nui. It kinds of transports me to an idyllic desert island setting whenever I set my eyes on it.


This little unusual airplane is the Northrop N9M Flying Wing. The only one of its kind left in the world, it first flew as a developmental aircraft in Northrop B-35 program. I was quite fortunate to see this airplane in flight as shortly after this picture was taken, the aircraft suffered an in-flight fire and has not flown again since.


This is probably the last image of my aviation series of photos. My interest in aviation photography has waned over the last few years and I hardly have any new material on this topic. So I guess it's apt that this one is flying off into a golden sunset.


Thursday, November 06, 2008 

Lunch's Over


The long break has been great, but it's time to get off my ass and to start posting again.

The past year and a bit has been a strange blur, dealing with the major renovation project of my new home and doing quite a bit of soul searching in the midst of yelling at contractors whilst enduring nosebleed after nosebleed. If you ever want to shorten your life span by a couple of years, try building yourself a new house.

My camera equipment survived the transition but I'm not quite sure if I still remember how to use most of it. I actually found myself referring to my camera manual a couple of days ago when I decided to reach for the sorely neglected Canon.

Wife has been a great source of encouragement (or nagging, depending how you see it) in getting me off my lazy butt and to start doing something with photography again. I'm seeing the little beginnings of some ideas which have been floating around in my head, of course seeing them through to fruition is another matter altogether. Nonetheless, I find myself thinking a little bit more seriously about executing these ideas. 

So, please watch this space.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that's my lunch for today. Tweaked the recipe some to suit my taste but the original can be found here.

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