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Saturday, November 11, 2006 

What the?

I figured if I can't put up more of my own pics for the time being, I might as well plug some others in. I've visited Cambodia and Vietnam before, and I've always tried to look out for the incredible wares that are often loaded up onto the motorcycles. Below is a collection of shots that I wish were mine, they offer glimpse into the ingenious methods used which border on incredulous. I've taken the liberty of giving them titles.

Hoola hoops

3 dozen little piggies went to the market
(This one is my personal favorite, especially the little fella at the bottom, straightly strung out with its nose looking like another exhaust pipe!)

Stretched limo

Gate crashing

Warning: Objects in the rear view mirror are dumber than they appear


Anyone need a spare?

Fowl mobile

Pipe dreams

Basket case

Strict vegetarian

Cool operator


Mwhaha..this is a really funny series. The piglets are soo poor things.

Newbie to Joo Chiat

Who took the photos btw?

No idea but they look pretty well taken. I got them in a forwarded email.

I love the piggies! They are so PINK!!!

haha yea these photos are really funny! love the ones with the piggies. they looks all squashed up. compact bacon you think?

Wahaha...i had a good laugh looking at this batch of photos!!

Perfectly captured with a great sense of humour to your taglines!


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