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Friday, January 20, 2006 

My Dinner

Can't believe I've gone 3 posts without putting up a picture, how thoughtless of me. So for the sake of maintaining the resemblence of a photo blog, here's a pic of my TV dinner as I sat alone in my hotel room... sigh. Tonight's menu - a pulled pork sandwich from Lucille's.

The Office is showing today, the scene with the giant inflatable penis came on just as I shot off this frame (not intentional!).

Watch them fries... They sneak up on ya! And what's with watching your own shows, don't you like Hindi movies anymore? ;P

A week in Calcutta = A week away from the gym :(

Can't seem to get back into the swing of things again, been working out quite regularly before the trip and the results were finally beginning to show before I was consumed by chapatis and bengali curries.

Btw, the pic was taken in Los Angeles, you rarely find pork dishes in India.

Guess I be getting ready to hit the gym when I get back (this sounds all too familiar).

I usually bring my gym stuff just in case the hotel gym is half serveable.

Forgot to compliment your pics in the blog. Very nice indeed. I especially liked the post about the couple who lived on the beach. Where is the part II of that post?

Thanks, I just added a paragraph to it. Still gathering my thoughts as I want to comment on the plight of the homeless in Singapore.

I do bring my gym gear along on all my trips... but somehow I only use them half the time.

So where are the new photos already? The inflatable penis is getting a lil stale. :)

A Blog Tip if I may... Perhaps you could clearly reflect edits to "old posts" or just post as a "part II" to the original post. Most readers would not scroll back to see if posts have been updated since 1st posting. :)

Thanks for the prayers and God Bless!

KN, used the better part of the morning to generate my newest post, especially for you :)

Your tip sounds good, will continue the post in a new entry.

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