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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

Uniquely Singaporean 1

Uniquely Singapore, a tagline coined by the Singapore Tourism Board to promote this island state as a travel destination.

The image above probably isn't one you'll typically find associated with tourism but it sure is a habit unique to some Singaporeans, as far as I can tell. It involves sticking a Vicks Vapor Inhaler up one's nose for a prolonged period of time in full view of everyone else, a menthol high if you will. I've always been of the opinion that if it's something to do with your nose, do it in private.

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Wahahahaha! Hey, I do that too, but only in private.

LMD - I wouldn't have taken you for the inhaler sort of blogger. Can't judge a person through her writing these days. Snort away...

The inhaler isn't a frequent habit. I don't own one now anyway. More commonly seen stuck up my nose (even in public, gah) is tissue paper... I'm just SO glad my sinus problem seems to have abated the past year or two.

I plug runny nostrils with tissue paper too... but less so in public. oops.

Let's see more uniquely singaporean shots!

I'm new to your site, but really liked those photos!

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