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Saturday, July 15, 2006 

An afternoon delight

Mr Sanguine likes nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon with friends and today was one such day.

My buddy M celebrated his birthday today and his wife got cupcakes from C-CUP as a birthday cake. I thought it was a pretty cool idea to have your name spelt out like that. The anagram freak in me started working on all the possible rearrangements as the cakes were being laid out but alas, they were being gobbled too quickly for me to come up with something.

Another friend D who has a nose for sniffing out new finds found this interesting pastry shop situated, of all places, on the third floor of Katong Mall (it's like the Twilight Zone from the second floor up). I was rather thrilled by the prospect of munching on that pink macaroon, and it tasted like heaven. That little tart with a mini-macaroon party going on was pretty darn yummy too. I particularly liked the delicate and interesting designs. One doesn't often find such type of french pastries here in Singapore, much less in Katong. Delectable delights were baked by Gobi.

Parties with this musically gifted lot of friends usually end in song, today was no different.



Like the bw guitar players!
is there such a non-modern/non-hip looking place in Sin ?
;-) cu when i am back

LMD - Stop slobbering all over my blog! :)

Sven - "non-hip looking place"?? I'll have to tell my friend M about that, may have to smack his interior designer around (which happens to be the wife).

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