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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

A vadai with your meal?

Lunch today was at Annalakshmi Janatha, one of my all time favorite indian vegetarian restaurants which recently moved to its new premises on Amoy Street. I was there getting shots for a project I'm working on and decided to get down and dirty with the grub... how to pass on a fine meal after savouring the sights through the viewfinder eh?

And out of sheer coincidence, a blogosphere acquaintance popped into the restaurant for a lunch meeting. She was subsequently roped in to become my unwilling restaurant patron model. The picture shows her attacking the buffet line for the 4th time. Careful, those vertical stripes will accentuate undesired body parts.

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4 times! Quite a work ethic to get the picture! The lazy snapshooter in me would have been distracted by the lassi :)

mike - I was just kidding with the number of times she visited the spread, I hope she doesn't read this :)

I love that first photos! Makes me want to run over to Amoy St for lunch now :)

Read already! I see you are an unreliable blogger who distorts the truth :P

Argh, forgot to try the lassi that day ...

tym - :)There was lassi??

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