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Thursday, September 14, 2006 

Wedding bliss and an aimless rant

There might have been a time when I considered doing photography full time, it was a pipe dream as it turned out. I decided it was best left as a hobby to doodle with in my spare time, engaging in projects of my choosing and at the time of my choosing. Let's not get carried away here, I know which day job pays the bills!

It was a string of weddings a couple of years back which prompted me to relook my career choices. Most of my friends seem to have married later in life, and they decided to do it within months of each other. Great for photographic opportunities but a little hard on the wallet when it came time for gifts. And of course, after the 7th wedding or so, I had had enough of running around all day after the bride and groom, trying to catch every kodak moment as they presented themselves. No, way too much work for me.

My hat goes off to talented wedding photogs I know like Kelvin and Ron, who shoot almost nothing but weddings, day in day out. It's kinda easy to run out of creative inspiration after engaging the same subject repeatedly but I'm always amazed how they can constantly produce refreshing angles. It's a sign of growth and the need for expression, marks of a dedicated photographer.

So, what was the point of this post? Not sure really. I wanted to show the last wedding I shot at originally but after editing these 2 shots, I decided an aimless rant on my photographic endeavors seemed more appropriate. Sorry if I wasted your time in making you read this.

The 2 shots were taken during a studio session by the couple's photographer, I tagged along to capture what went on behind the scenes. It was a fun afternoon recording the candid moments shared by the couple, probably the first and last time I do something like this.

but even if you're not a wedding photographer, u have good eyes

Thanks Ead :)

hey Mr Orange.. haha

thanks for the encouragement. You also inspire me alot with your works on humanitarian project coverages :)

Ead nailed it, you need not be a wedding photographer to be shooting the good stuff that you are shooting now :)

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