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Friday, November 10, 2006 

Sad Mac

They don't make Macs the way they used to. Had to cart my Powermac off to the tech shop this morning after it started developing strange symptons about 3 weeks back and began to behave much like a PC, ie refusing to boot up, applications hanging all the time, cooling fan running full blast for no apparent reason etc... It looked so sad lying on its side in the back of the car when I brought it to the service center, much like a corpse in a hearse. Hope they are able to revive it... all this happened after I've had the machine for only 6 months.

This brings me to the point of this entry. The dearth of posts of late has been a direct consequence of my beloved Powermac dying a sudden death on me, all my image archives are contained within it and it's my main editing platform. I'm like an artist without his palatte at the moment, working on my images on the powerbook just isn't the same. Thanks to the concerned readers who emailed me about this but really, it's not for the lack of blog fodder but Mr Sanguine's Home is experiencing technical difficulties at this time. I'm off on a short vacation next week so hopefully the folks at the club21iShop will do a good job of fixing it by the time I get back.

Oh no! Hope your laptop comes back all fixed.

yeah, Apple's QC has gone down the drain these last coupla years...

anyways, will be seeing ya soon...

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