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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Poetry in Motion - The Airbus A380

This is my virgin sighting of the new Airbus A380 as it waltzed around at low level during Asian Aerospace 2006 today. The show organisers have no regard for photographers as they chose to schedule the flying displays at the worst possible time of day, high noon. The sun angle is way too high, casting unwanted shadows and not lighting up the subjects properly. I do apologise for the quality of the shots but I thought this particular subject was special enough to be shown, regardless of the lighting conditions I had to work with. So, I present the one and only opportunity you'd be able to see an aircraft in Singapore Airlines livery doing low level aerobatics.

After a lively takeoff roll and rotation off Runway 02C, the aircraft banked to the left towards show center. It left its landing gear down as it passed the showline and began its retraction process then. That's a lot of wheels on this big fella, 22 of them to be exact.

In a right turn, pulling away from show center. The agility of this massive airplane is impressive, especially at such slow speeds and low altitude. The pilots put up a fancy show.

Coming for its final pass overhead show center. The A380 seemed to take up the entire bit of sky over the show grounds. Amazing...

During its 10 min routine, the aircraft entered a series of steep turns, with bank angles of 60 degrees or more. Following up with rapid climbs and descents. Its size belies its excellent maneuverability and the crowds were thoroughly impressed, I know I was.

A final glimpse of the giant before it leaves the show grounds. Singapore Airlines will be the launch customer of this airplane when it takes delivery of the first aircraft in Nov 2006. This particular display aircraft was specially painted in the airline livery for Asian Aerospace only.

Why do all your photographs look skewed? It is because you re-size them?

Skewed? How so? They look ok on my screen.

Looks OK if you click on it, but it looks jagged when we see it on the blog itself. Perhabs you need to resize it properly before you upload to Flickr

That's strange cos it looks perfectly ok on my 2 notebooks at home. May be a PC thing ;)

I think its a pc thing. Looks ok on my mac at home but a little jagged on my pc at work. Looks alright when you click on it though. Nice pics btw.

I was also busy shooting the A380 yesterday. But then, like you said the incredible hot noon make it so much difficult to get a good shot. I didn't get a good pic in the end. *sob*

Nice series. Can't ever get enough of the this behemoth.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I used a PC to check out the thumbnails and I can see what everyone's talking about. I'm surprised no one's brought it up till now, all the other thumbnails from previous posts look the same!

Will be trying a new way to generate thumbnails for future posts.

Cat - Don't give up. Should practice on the aircraft parked in the static display area first. They don't move and are much closer :)

The thumbnails have just been changed on this post. The jaggies should be gone now.

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