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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Mobile Phone Fraud

Just a quick note to let everyone know of a mobile phone scam that's been going round lately in Singapore. If you're a M1 or Singtel subscriber, there might have been recent charges to your account which may have been faked.

Subscribers who have received SMS greetings over the recent Chinese New Year period from the short number 77330 will have been charged $1 per greeting. The service is from a company called mTouche, and the charge would have been levied even if you've not subscribed to their greeting service. mTouche has been fined by IDA in the past for the same offence but they seem to be doing it again.

Do check your recent statements carefully. So far it seems only M1 and Singtel customers are experiencing this problem but subscribers to other networks should review their statements just to make sure.

The best thing you can do if you've received these extra charges is to send a complain to IDA at info@ida.gov.sg. Don't bother calling mTouche as they've disconnected their phone lines as of this morning. The telcos are also claiming they are unable to do anything about charges levied by a third party.

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