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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Aviation Photos 2

This is a continuation from Aviation Photos 1.

Bali, Indonesia

Wholly owned by Qantas, Australian Airlines provides a level of service a cut above its larger parent. Plying mainly to holiday destinations in Asia, the airline is known for its friendly and prompt cabin service even though it operates as a low cost arm to Qantas. This Boeing B767-300 is lining up for an evening departure out of Bali. I love how the orange livery glows in the low setting sun.

Frankfurt, Germany

A ightly loaded Airbus A330-200 in early rotation for a short european hop.


I snapped this during Asian Aerospace 2004 as an entry to a photo competition which was running during the airshow. I figured that as the contest was being judged by the aviation-unsavvy editors of the Straits Times that I'd just try to include some human subjects they'd be able to relate to. I titled this Bald Eagle but I think the irony was lost upon the judges (and I suspect some of you too). Nonetheless it managed to clinch the 3rd prize (along with publicity in a full page article in ST!), not bad for my first ever competition eh?

Los Angeles, California

The little bizjets also use Los Angeles International as a base, along with the big guys.

In the Air, South China Sea

This is the auto pilot panel, it functions as the interface between the pilot and his machine. Turns, descend, and climb commands can be initiated from this panel. You'd have to push the right buttons of course. The airplane is currently maintaining an altitude of 32,000 feet and Auto Pilot 2 (there are 2 on this aircraft) is doing the work. Navigation work is currently performed by an on board computer which is flying a pre-programmed route.

More photos found in Aviation Photos 3.

Very nice pictures. The "Bald Eagle" photo kinda reminded me of myself. :)

True, true... but his was deliberately shaved :)

OUch! That one was definitely below the belt.

You mean below the hairline... heh heh

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