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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Ling the Filmmaker

My friend Ling has always been the nature nazi of our group. She's a talented filmmaker trapped in the body of a lawyer. She lives below the ocean's surface half the time and spends the other half zipping through the hills at breakneck speed on her mountain bike.

Ling recently put up 2 of her award winning short flicks on her blog and I thought it appropriate to repost them here. One sometimes doesn't realise that there is a wealth of undersea life just off the coast of Singapore that is in danger from the ever increasing threat of land reclamation and development. The first film shows scenes that most Singaporeans aren't even aware of and the footage was mainly shot off Pulau Ubin. The second flick was footage from Manado and Pulau Tioman. Enjoy the films, they show rare marine life and are painstakingly put together by a dedicated conservationist.



Thanks for posting ze videos, hope the Nature Nazi makes you all "concentrate" on the things that should matter to their fellow land-based creatures.

Just a slight correction - ze second video contained footage largely shot in Manado + Tioman.....I didn't own a videocam the last and only time I visited Sipadan so I didn't have the opportunity to snap away! :P

Planning on editing my Galapagos videos as soon as I get my Apple Orange sorted out!

Thanks you, corrected the boo boo.

You should approach our other friend B who's partially named after a vegetable and see if you can use his super duper G5 Dual. I believe he's got Final Cut Pro and has no idea how to use it. It'll be a great tool to work on the Galapagos footage.

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