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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Calcutta Rescue - Panoramas

Just got this roll of film back from the lab. Scenes from Calcutta Rescue in panoramics.

Boy at window.

Reluctant patient.

Slum children.

Waiting in line.


School's out.

Doctor at work.

Administrator, Calcutta Rescue.

Slum children.


Wow your photos are amazing! You are obviously a professional photographer so it seems silly to compliment you when I am so amateur I don't even own a camera. But yeah, the colours are amazing, and the stories behind them. Calcutta must be intense. I think parts of it would break my heart.

I wish I were but my day job isn't quite as exciting as photography, but it's what I pay da bills with.

You never know what you're capable of unless you try. Go pick up a simple camera and see what you can come up with, start with your child. Kids are always wonderful subjects to work with.

Nice Series, the colors are amazing.

Once again, beautiful photos. I especially like the one with "School" scrawled on the wall. I am off to Delhi (again) next week!

So when do we ride?

Suresh - Thanks!

KN - How's end May? My next bit of a free stretch before the crap starts to hit the fan again. Don't get Delhi belly while you're there.

wow! i discovered this blog from kachtus and it's amazing. those words don't quite sum up the talent of your pics.. what a golden subject and place to click away.

thanks for sharing.

shinyruby - thanks, always glad to receive encouragement :)

Off to Kolkata, 4th July, with my wife. Will be visiting Calcutta Rescue and thanks for your photos. dale

Inspiring work! Thanks for sharing and again ... 'Great work, great photos!'

Dale - Enjoy the trip and tell the folks at CR the photographer with the case of deadly bed rash says hi!

Andrew - Thanks for your kind words. Wonderful pics on your own site.

Kolkata hasn't looked so beautiful in a long time. Being a resident of the city (Calcutta/Kolkata), your piece/pictures give a whole new and different perspective to the place. A very attractive one at that. Thanks to you, CalcuttaRescue is bound to get more coverage and generate awareness amongst travellers to the India and to the city in particular. (Your blog link is already on the IndiaMike forum)

Well done!

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