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Friday, March 30, 2007 

Walkabout in Serangoon Road

It's been a bit since my last walkabout in Joo Chiat so I packed the Widelux and Ricoh for a spot of shooting. I haven't walked the Indian enclave of Serangoon Road with my camera before so a trip to Little India seemed appealing. Below are a couple of frames from the 3 rolls I shot, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

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The panoramic shots are really effective here. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos of Little India.

Once again, fantastic shots!

For some reason I cannot put a finger on, I REALLY like the last shot of the rusted gate. Brings me back to my childhood days, I guess...

enuwy - these are the only presentable shots, the rest are junk :(

kn - i got the same vibe when i saw the gate

i like the color tone, what wb did you use?

elvin - the series was done on film. the panoramics on ektachrome and the regular frames on fuji press 400. they aren't color corrected, with desaturation applied at the post processing stage. i know, it's kinda ironic that i use high saturation film and end up taking most of the color out.

That's very nice!

i really love the shots you've taken aboard the ship. it's very inspiring and i hope to be on the ship someday too(: maybe even taking photos.

Nice shots, do continue to post pics :)

Nice series. I always check back to see if there's anything new.

you take wonderful pictures =)

do u hold photography lessons? i sure dont mind learning from u! :)


I don't do lessons but I do have new folks tagging along with me on my shoots every once in a while. That, sometimes, could be a good way to garner a tip or two.

you haven't blog for the longest time :(

Hope everything is well with you..

All's well, thanks for asking. I do have plans to resurrect the blog so stay tuned!

gosh, love those pictures!

gosh, i love those pictures!

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