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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

More Photos From Calcutta

These images were captured on my trip to Calcutta to shoot the photo documentary on Calcutta Rescue.

Fish monger near Howrah Bridge.

Couple of guys who forced me to take their picture after their cricket game.

Cleaning up in the morning.

The men are using tooth sticks made from the wood of Araak trees to clean themselves. The medicinal qualities of the wood provide whitening and cleansing effects and has been used for many centuries.

Fish monger near the Howrah Bridge.

The flower market at the eastern end of the Howrah Bridge bustles with life in the early morning hours. The colors are abundant and almost overwhelming. This effect of masking out other colors except for the rose bouquet is commonly used in wedding photos, wanted to see how it worked for this flower merchant.

Open refuse dumps are a common sight throughout the city. A crew cleans this one when it piles up high enough.

It's quite common to see males relieving themselves in the open.

Laundry day.

This sliver of sunlight in St. John's Church kept this photographer occupied for at least half an hour.

Barber at work.

This pehlwani wrestler took a break from his studies as an accounting student to learn the sport.

His wrestling partner struck a pose which I couldn't resist not photographing.

Roadside stall.

great shots! national geographic style! impressive..

Thanks, but I don't know about the comparison to Nat Geo though :)

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