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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Aviation Photos 1

For those who know me, you'd know that my journey into photography began some 20 years ago when my dad gave me my first Nikon. With that camera, I found a marriage of sorts when I merged my love for all things aviation with photography. I used to spend countless hours at Changi Airport as a teenager, hanging out by the fenceline to catch the metal birds on film as they came and went. All the time dodging the airport cops who patrolled the perimeter roads. That seems like a real long time ago and it's not something I do regularly now though I still engage in aviation photography from time to time, usually on my constant travels.

I thought it appropriate to start a series of posts of aviation images I've captured over the years. My rate of shooting did increase a whole lot when I picked up my first digital SLR some years back so you'd see more of those featured. Been too lazy to scan my old negatives but there are some gems in there, I think.

Los Angeles, California

This image of a Southwest Boeing 737-700 was made towards the end of a long day. Parts of the evening sky was lit up by dramatic light from the setting sun. I zoomed into one bit of the sky and waited for the airplane to float into view as it made its approach to the runway. It's not often I get to shoot in light like this, it's a photographer's wet dream come true.

Los Angeles, California

Well, it's a bird but not a metal one. I shoot on and off at Los Angeles International at times and this image was captured while hanging around at one of my usual spots around the airport. During a lull in aircraft movement, I was taking a series of shots of the gull as it was fluttering around me. This must have been the 4th shot in the series when it suddenly flew in front of a huge Chevrolet billboard. With a bit of creative cropping I managed to achieve the desired effect. Many folks who have seen this shot often ask me how I managed to shoot from such a low angle and where this field is located.

Bali, Indonesia

Garuda Airbus A330-300 on short finals into Bali's Nghurah Rai Airport. Bali is special to me, not just for the warmth and friendliness of its people, but also because of its beautiful scenery and laid back sensation I experience everytime I'm there. The airport is wonderful for photography with its runway stretched out into the sea, a photographer can get some pretty dramatic looking scenes there.

Mojave Desert, California

Spaceship One made aviation history on June 21, 2004 when it became the first manned flight of a private spacecraft to break out of the Earth's atmosphere (an altitude of 62 miles). This image shows Spaceship One slung underneath its mothership White Knight as it barrels down the runway for the historic launch.

Los Angeles, California

The park by the In n Out hamburger joint near Los Angeles International is a favorite hangout for aviation enthusiasts. One can get pretty up close and personal with jets arriving from the westerly approach to the airport. The big guy on the right is watching another big fella on short finals.

That's it for now, I'll be posting more over the coming months.

More photos in Aviation Photos 2

i'm loving your gull shot! very cool.. without your explanation, i would still be pondering how u ever got that shot..

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