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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Burger Round 1

Inspired by Chubby Hubby's Cheeseburger Experiment, Mr and Mrs Sanguine just had to have a cheeseburger for dinner. Our attempt was not too shabby, though the Buerli Bun from Swiss Bake was not the best choice. It was a little hard for our taste, even with a bit of toasting on the grill. The patty was a mix of ground beef and italian sausage, flavored with hot cayenne pepper sauce, chopped onions, mustard powder, basil, oregano, salt, pepper and held together with an egg mixture. Condiments included more hot sauce, japanese mayo, fried onions, letteuce, cucumber tomatoes, and a slice of melted american cheddar.

It all turned out to be a delicious mess, wolfed down in less than 10 minutes and washed down with cheap wine and a Heineken. The grapes and sugar prunes went surprisingly well with the mass of meat. I think it was our first home cooked meal (not counting parties we've cooked for) in months. Looking to perfect the cheeseburger in the months to come, hopefully.

Can I tell you that's the most delicous looking burger I've ever seen? It has all of my favorite things on it:) YUM and damn you! I was NOT going to make any hamburger this week, but now I will be forced to after seeing this photo.

OMG!!! The burger looks heavenly! YUMMY!

Cucumbers on a burger? I don't know.....

Anon - You put letteuce don't you? Why not substitute with cucumbers?

Mrs S here. OK OK....the cucumber was my idea and Mr S DID say he thought it was a rather old fashioned addition.
But I like the cruch of the cukes, and they help stop the bun from getting soggy.
We had lettuce, but forgot to put it in before taking the photo.
When we do Burger Round 2, the cukes will go! Will put pickle instead.

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