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Friday, March 03, 2006 

Singapore Ga Ga

"Singapore GaGa is a 55-minute paean to the quirkiness of the Singaporean aural landscape. It reveals Singapore's past and present with a delight and humour that makes it a necessary film for all Singaporeans. We hear buskers, street vendors, school cheerleaders sing hymns to themselves and to their communities. From these vocabularies (including Arabic, Latin, Hainanese), a sense of what it might mean to be a modern Singaporean emerges. This is Singapore's first documentary to have a cinema release."

- Excerpt from Singaporegaga.com

Check it out, support a local talent. I know I will, come March 29.

So that's what Pin Pin's been up to all this time. Man, I went to school with her, and it was very difficult to be her friend because she was so stridently odd back then. I wonder if the movie's actually any good....

Only one way to find out.

it's very very good. :) you hvae to make everyone watch it!

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